The #1 List of Online Team Building Games & Activities for Remote Teams

Welcome to Online Team Building, where our goal is to bring you a list of the best online team building games and activities for remote teams!

Online team building is a term that describes the activities, effort and allocation of resources toward building stronger remote teams. For example, some of the expected outcomes of doing team building with remote teams are increased engagement, improved communication, and a boost to morale.

Online games are one type of activity that can help you achieve these results. These virtual activities tend to range from five minutes to 90 minutes long, and are focused on fun mechanics to connect your people. Examples of these remote-friendly games include Online Team Building Bingo, Rapid Scavenger Hunts and Virtual Team Trivia.

Whether you have worked from home for years or your team is new to working remotely, the virtual games and activities below are a fun way to get to know each other better. These virtual activities are geared toward businesses looking to make an investment in better communication, collaboration, problem solving, employee engagement, happiness, and retention.

Now let’s plan some epic remote team building!

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The Best Online Team Building Activities

Online team building activities are most effective when you organize them often, and yet you don’t have to be the one that organizes them. Below is a list of the best activities you can do with remote teams, all of which are run by groups who operate 100% remote teams and offer maximum fun and enjoyment with a reasonable price tag.

1. Murder in Ancient Egypt

photo for online team building activity called Murder in Ancient Egypt provides a number of fun virtual team building activities for remote teams. For example, Murder in Ancient Egypt is a murder mystery game that includes elements of problem solving, escape games, puzzles and more. The experience is based on a real historical murder, which the host will tell your team about too; if they can solve the murder in time.

Learn more about Murder in Ancient Egypt.

2. Strong Teams ✊

Strong Teams online team activity

Strong Teams is an online group fitness class for remote teams. The sessions are 45 minutes each, include elements of virtual team building and are highly energetic. Strong Teams facilitators design the classes to be accessible for a wide variety of fitness levels, which makes the experience a good one for remote teams with many people. One of the largest benefits of Strong Teams is that it helps create both healthy teams and connected teams, which is good for productivity and morale.

Learn more about Strong Teams.

3. Tea vs Coffee

Tea vs Coffe facilitated experience

Tea vs Coffee is one of the most unique virtual team building activities for remote workers. The premise of Tea vs Coffee is simple: the company sends a surprise box to your remote team members in the mail that contains four unusual drink samples and fair-trade chocolate. Once your team receives the tea kits, your group will log on to a virtual tasting room to participate in guided meditation and discover incredible insights about the world’s top caffeinated beverages! Tea vs Coffee is fun, relaxing, engaging, and is a great way to do virtual team building for remote teams.

Learn more about Tea vs Coffee.

4. Online Storytelling Workshops

Online storytelling workshops by Museum Hack

Want to mix professional development with fun remote team building activities? An online storytelling workshop may be the best option for you. The pros at Museum Hack, an awesome renegade museum tour company, have led thousands of museum tours and storytelling workshops for top companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Elizabeth Arden, Johnson & Johnson and LEGO. Now, your coworkers can learn the same storytelling techniques Museum Hack uses to engage skeptical museum goers!

The online storytelling workshop includes a senior facilitator who will run through the 5 Elements of a Hack, practice storytelling sessions, and provide direct feedback. All your team members need is a solid internet connection and ideally a webcam. Your group will also enjoy fun remote team building activities and games, making the online storytelling workshop the perfect blend of fun and professional development.

Learn more about Online Storytelling Workshops.

5. tiny campfire 🔥

tiny campfire runs virtual team building campfires for remote teams. Before your event, tiny campfire will mail your colleagues a fun, surprise package filled with essential campfire items, including: matches, a tealight candle, and s’more ingredients. About a week later, your group will join a virtual campfire with a camp counsellor facilitator who will lead your team in fun online team building games and virtual activities, mini-competitions, and spooky ghost stories. This online team event is great for remote workers, and is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your coworkers.

Learn more about tiny campfire.

6. petri: Scalable Virtual Team Building

Example petri calendar

Working remotely sometimes feels isolating and petri is here to change that. petri is an online social engagement platform optimized for remote workers to enjoy playing virtual team building games and activities together. Each week, petri offers a schedule of various remote team activities your team can join. These virtual activities and online games for remote workers include options like a virtual coffee shop, pub trivia, language classes, yoga, guided meditation, and professional development workshops. petri is different from other online engagement activities because you do not have to coordinate calendars and time zones; your employees can pop on to a scheduled virtual event when it best fits their calendar. Remote employees can also choose which online events to attend based on interests. Your group will foster deeper connections with each other attending these activities.

Learn more about petri.

More Online Team Building Activities

Here are more online team activities to consider, some of which are free and all of which are fun.

7. Online Push-up Challenge

When you work from home you miss out on exercise from walking to and from the office, or to and from lunch. You can win back some of this exercise time by challenge your remote work colleagues to fitness competitions. For example, you can do three minutes of push-ups together, or 30 push-ups per day if you prefer.

8. Virtual Kettle Bell Workouts

Virtual workouts are a bit difficult to execute since your group may not have the necessary equipment. If you want to build strong teams, then uou can take this idea a step further and send your team members kettle-bells. Start by polling your team on whether they already have a kettle-bell or if your coworkers are in need, then find out which weight works best for each person. If some of your remote workers already have the equipment, then consider sending them an Amazon gift card in the equivalent amount of a kettle-bell. Then, once your coworkers have the equipment in hand, organize group exercise classes! Consider hosting a group exercise class each morning for kettle-bell time. If you host the virtual activities during working hours, then your remote workers will feel the love even more since you are allowing your team a chance to get in some physical activity on the clock. This benefit may alleviate a challenge many of your employees experience when trying to find time to work out!

9. Desk Yoga

We can all agree that remote teams spend too much time sitting down. Engaging in chair yoga at the desk is a great way to get in physical activity while still participating in work from home activities. Chair yoga is low-impact so it works for a wide range of fitness levels. Your group will benefit from stretching, relaxing, physical activity, and a quick break from work. Chair yoga is a great way for your employees to come together and try something new together; plus, the experience will teach skills each person can use even when you are not actively participating with each other.

Here is a YouTube video about chair yoga.

10. Online Home Tour

People are naturally curious about how others live, and seeing the inside of someone’s home can be a personal, intimate, and connecting experience! Ask your remote workers to sign up to give a quick online home tour to your group on a virtual meeting. Your coworkers will learn about each other in a way that feels like natural virtual team building. If giving a virtual tour of the entire home feels like too much, then consider a home office tour! Each person on your remote team has a unique setup, and your team members can learn from each other.

11. Virtual Cooking Class

Chances are that someone on your team is a great cook, or at least really likes to whip up a meal in the kitchen. Ask for volunteers to lead a virtual cooking class for your remote team! The set-up is simple; your meeting leader can set up a laptop in the kitchen, then walk the team step-by-step through making a signature recipe. Ideas include baking bread, a top-notch pasta dish, cookies, brownies, chicken or nearly anything else. You could even take this remote team building idea a step further and find out in advance what your leader wants to cook, then send each person on the team a care package with the ingredients. That way, your entire group can cook the meal with each other online, then sit down to a virtual lunch or dinner together! Make sure to consider any dietary restrictions before selecting the final meal option.

12. Other Online Classes

Your online classes do not have to start and stop with cooking. You might be surprised at how many skilled people you have working for your business. You can find out just what makes each person on your remote team excited outside of work! Ask team members to volunteer to lead online team classes for the rest of the group. Example ideas for these sessions include fitness, knitting lessons, crochet, gardening, composting, drawing, writing, joke telling, comedy and pet training. Maybe you have an awesome piano or guitar player on staff who can perform an online concert for your group. Take advantage of the unique skills your group members possess and have fun engaging in remote team building with each other!

13. Vision Boards

Gather your remote workers on a virtual meeting and introduce a fun, forward-thinking virtual team activity: vision boards! When done right, vision boards can be an awesome tool to help propel folks toward achieving goals. Encourage your remote workers to come up with vision boards of their own with two elements: a workplace vision board and a personal vision board. Vision boards are effective because these tools encourage motivation, creativity, imagination, and productivity. An easy online twist for these activities is to have each person create a vision board using Google image search or even Pinterest! Ask a few brave remote workers to share out the vision boards created at the end of your meeting.

14. Twisted Group Stories

Telling great stories is not a skill that comes naturally to most people. You can up the challenge factor and encourage some serious team building online and creativity with this group storytelling task. Divide your group up into small teams, then ask each group to tell the story of a famous fairy tale or legend using only drawings or symbols. No words allowed! Next, assign each group the other group’s story and the game is to translate the drawings and symbols into a story with words. The Group Storytelling Online Challenge is one of those fun team activities that can help spark new ideas and creativity at work.

16. Meditation + Journaling

Self-care is important and often we do not make enough time to relax and engage in it. Send each of your remote workers a small journal, then host a kick-off online meeting to talk about best practices for meditation and journaling! You can even invite an expert to go over how to meditate, how to journal, and how to use these practices in self-care and everyday life. Challenge your remote team to keep up with meditation and journaling for a full month; and award those who complete the month with an awesome prize.

Here is a YouTube video about how to meditate.

17. 3D Pop-Up Card Challenge

You can challenge your coworkers to craft a fun 3D pop-up card out of random materials lying around the house. In the realm of crafty remote team building, the 3D Pop-Up Card Challenge is easy, fun, imaginative, and simple to pull together. You can gave all of your team members gather supplies before signing on to the virtual craft room; then, have fun talking and working together before showing off the cool 3D cards. Bonus: Write a nice note and mail the card to someone important in your life for extra points and good vibes!

18. Signature Dance-Off

The signature dance-off is similar to Simon Says, but without the added pressure of getting voted out of participating! If you have a team of 10 or fewer people, then we recommend staying together in an online video call as one group. If your team is larger than 10 people, then we advise dividing up into smaller teams and utilizing breakout rooms. The task is simple: pick a song, choreograph your own 30-second dance routine, then come back to the main room to perform your brand-new dance for the rest of the team. If you are doing this activity as a big group then practice and record the team performance! This virtual team building idea is easy, fun and high energy.

19. Slime Time

Slime is one of the hottest kid toys around, and slime has a place for adults and remote employees too! Mail each person on your team a small slime-making kit, then have everyone gather in the online craft room to make slime! You can make three-ingredient slime with school glue, contact lens solution, and baking soda. Optional ingredients include glitter, food coloring and other decorations. Your remote employees will have a blast tapping into their inner kid and making slime. Bonus: Slime can serve as a homemade stress ball for your team members throughout the work day. If you are interested in planning work from home team exercises that includes family members, then slime could be a great choice!

20. Cookie Battle

Looking for a silly activity for your remote workers to enjoy together for team building while working from home? Try hosting an online cookie-off-the-nose challenge! This event will have your team members laughing and trying again and again to eat a cookie off their own nose. The game is simple to play: place a cookie on your nose, then be the first person to eat it without using your hands or letting the cookie touch the ground. The game is not as easy at it might sound, and it is definitely a lot of fun. This Cookie Battle is another great online team building activity that would be easy for your remote workers to incorporate family members into.

21. Virtual Happy Hour

How often do you and your coworkers head out for a happy hour or post-work drinks when you are working together in the same office? That fun tradition should not fall by the wayside just because you are working remotely. Once a week, schedule a 5 o’clock virtual happy hour for your remote workers to enjoy. You should very loosely regulate this time, because ultimately the virtual happy hour is an opportunity for your remote workers to come together, talk about whatever strikes the fancy of the day, and relax after work with a glass of wine, beer, a margarita, or whatever else each person likes. We love a relaxed environment for your virtual happy hours!

Here is’s guide on how to host a virtual happy hour.

22. Virtual Birth Map

Creating a birth map for the office is a popular team building activity for in-person team events, and you can do it with remote teams too. Designate one person on your team as the keeper of the birth map, and have that person print out a map of the world. You can also keep this activity 100% online with customized Google Maps. Then, ask each team member to mark the map and share a story about the place where each person was born. You can also deviate from this plan and have your employees talk instead about a place that is meaningful to them for any reason.

23. Dream Vacation

Create another map, and this time focus on the future! Have each person on your team mark the location of a dream vacation, then take turns talking about why this place is exciting for them. You can also do this team building exercise in reverse, and talk about the location of each team member’s favorite vacation to date. Your group can draw inspiration from each other, share travel tips, and even learn if some coworkers have visited a dream destination before. You will create your own mini travel advisory committee right in the office! Plus, it is fun to daydream about the next big vacation.

Online Team Building Games

Online team building games are a fun way to connect your remote team via friendly competition and more “face” time! Below, we have listed some of our favorite online team games for remote workers. You can play most of these games over Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and other platforms.

24. Words with Friends

Remember when Words with Friends was the app of the moment? Bring the app back, at least for your team members! If you are not familiar with this game, Words with Friends is a fun and interactive app that is basically online Scrabble you can play with your coworkers. Invite everyone on your team to participate in a Words with Friends tournament. You can pair your team members up in a bracket and watch as your coworkers battle it out and advance round by round. Be sure to include a consolation bracket so your coworkers who get eliminated from contention early in the series are still able to play and connect with each other. Using the bracket format ensures that your team members will play with different folks, including people who may not ordinarily interact.

Learn more about Words with Friends.

25. Online Bracket

Similar to our suggestion for hosting a Words with Friends tournament, is the idea of hosting a bracket! You can host a bracket for your remote team for just about anything. Think March Madness-style, where everyone starts off in a random match-up, then your team members compete through the online games round by round. You can do a variety of virtual team building activities that match the interests of your group. For example, you could host a tournament for Sudoko, War, Uno, or Go Fish via video chat. The possibilities for fun are endless, which is helpful because friendly competition is critical for effective engagement activities for remote teams. Plus, hosting your virtual team building bracket-style encourages more 1:1 time among your coworkers, and we love that!

Here is an online Sudoku puzzle you can use.

26. Virtual Team Trivia

Workplace trivia can take a variety of formats depending on your remote team’s needs. You can design custom virtual team trivia yourself or you can hire a professional company to write the questions and facilitate the game for you. We recommend mixing in some fun company and team specific trivia questions, in addition to a healthy blend of pop culture, sports, and current events questions. You can structure the virtual trivia game in two different ways. First, host the online games Jeopardy-style by sending team captains buzzers in advance that make custom sounds. Second, each team or player has an equal opportunity to answer every question. Whoever gets the most questions right wins!

Here is a list of trivia questions you can use.

Free Online Team Building Games

If you do not have a budget for professionally-run games right now, then you can play free games too. We have come up with a list below of some free online games you can play with remote teams.

27. Virtual Werewolf

Have you played Werewolf in person before? Virtual Werewolf is a fun and easy activity we have adapted to be played as a free remote team building game! All you need to play the game is a video conferencing platform and a solid internet connection. Here is how to play:

  1. Designate one person as the game leader. This person will send a private message to each person on the team with an assigned role: werewolf (two werewolves for a group up to 15), the psychic (one), the healer (one), and the villagers (everyone else).
  2. Have everyone close their eyes, then ask the two werewolves to wake up; they must decide together who to kill.
  3. Then, the werewolves close their eyes; the host asks the psychic to wake up. The psychic is allowed to request to see the status of one player per turn. The host reveals if the chosen person is a wolf, villager, or healer.
  4. Then, the psychic goes back to sleep while the healer wakes up and chooses one person to save.
  5. Then, everyone wakes up and it is up to the villagers to try to find out who the wolves are and kill them.

In Virtual Werewolf, the wolves try to blend in as villagers and pinpoint blame elsewhere. The entire group must come to a consensus on each turn who to eliminate. This activity is a fun, chaotic game that requires team work, creative thinking, and communication! If you are playing virtually, then we recommend using white boards or scraps of paper to communicate via video chat!

Here is another guide on how to play Werewolf.

28. Typing Speed Race

Friendly competition is a hallmark of many great virtual team building activities. That competitive spirit is why we like You can encourage your team members to take the typing test, then post results in a dedicated Slack channel like #typingrace. You can even take the competition a step further and create a game bracket, March Madness style, and host the ultimate typing competition for your remote workers. Send a prize to the winner!

By the way, typing test races and challenges are a good game to play on Webex or other platforms without breakout rooms.

Here is a Typing Test you can use.

29. Battle of the Pixels

Pixel art is fun, easy, and unexpected as far as online team building exercises go! All you have to do to play the game is pick a colorful image, then create a Google Sheet where you assign each number a corresponding color in the spreadsheet using conditional formatting. For example, you can set conditional formatting so that if the number ‘1’ is typed into a cell, the cell automatically turns pink, and if the cell contains the number ‘2’, the cell automatically turns blue, and so on. Then, get your coworkers on a video call, divide the group up into teams of three or four people, and send each group its own unique spreadsheet. The group must work together to re-create the sample image via pixels. Whichever team is able to best create the masterpiece wins! This free virtual game has unexpected benefits like increased communication and collaboration, not to mention creative thinking!

30. Three Color Challenge

Odds are, your remote workers have access to markers, crayons, colored pencils, or something with a variety of colors. Each player only needs three colors! Here is how this simple game works.

  1. Choose three colors.
  2. Challenge your coworkers to draw something awesome using only those three colors.

You remote team members can draw whatever they want within a category, which could include fruits, vegetables, animals, landscapes and more. At the end of a three minute timer, have your group share out the completed drawings and let the group vote on the best or most creative picture.

31. Online Team Building Bingo

We love Online Team Bingo as an option for fun virtual team building. Virtual Team Bingo works well for remote teams for a few reasons: it is familiar, easy and fun!

Here is a free template you can use: Online Team Building Bingo Template

To play Online Team Building Bingo, first distribute the template, then host a quick online meeting to introduce the game.

Your coworkers should go about the day checking off Bingo squares, then post in a dedicated Slack channel with a picture of a complete Bingo! Start off with tasking your team to find a regular old five-down, five-across, or five-diagonal Bingo before making it more challenging, like X Bingo, perimeter Bingo, and full board Bingo!

32. Guess-The-Mug

I guarantee you that someone on your team enjoys a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. In any case, we would be willing to bet that just about everyone has a favorite mug. Encourage each of your remote team members to submit a picture of a favorite mug to one person, who is in charge of running the video conference game! That person makes sure there is nothing identifying in each image, then posts the pictures in a dedicated Slack channel like #random-mugs. Players must then guess who the owner of each mug is. Whoever guesses the most mugs correctly wins a prize, which should probably be a mug.

33. Tongue Twister Challenge

Sally sells seashells by the seashore. Say toy boat ten times fast. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. We all know and maybe love tongue twisters, and now it’s time for your remote workers to write some originals! Divide your group up into smaller teams, and task each group with writing a few fun tongue twisters. Then, come back and challenge other team members to a tongue-twister-off. Whoever on your team is able to nail the most unique tongue twisters, wins! This online team building game is fun, enjoyable, DIY, and full of laughs and good vibes.

Here is a list of tongue twisters you can use.

34. Would You Rather…

Would You Rather…? is a fun icebreaker game that translates well to an online environment. Come up with a list of Would You Rather questions and then engage your team members in a lively discussion. Just keep the experience rated for work and you will have a great time!

Here are a few questions you can start with:

  • Would you rather eliminate pancakes or waffles from existence?
  • Would you rather live on a boat or an airplane?
  • Would you rather drink all your meals or eat all your drinks?
  • Would you rather meet a talking dog or an alien?

You can make your own questions too 🙂

Here is a list of would you rather questions you can use.

35. Magic Cards

Magic the Gathering is a fun game loved by nerds everywhere, and you can plan online too. There are actual online games developed for Magic, and we also recommend doing a semi-virtual experience where you send a deck of cards to each player and have them compete over video conference.

Here is a link to Magic the Gathering Online.

36. Hamster Dance

One of the first websites to go viral on the internet was the hamster dance. You can recreate this nostalgic gem by having your team members participate in a hamster dance of their own. To play this online game, each team member records themselves doing a 30 second dance and then you stitch the clips together. Compete to see which team can make the best dance!

37. Kongregate

Kongregate publishes a wide variety of online games you can use for team building with remote teams. For example, there are strategy games, puzzle games, tower defence games, word games and more.

The advantage of using a platform like Kongregate is that everyone can choose a game that matches their interests. You can keep track of scores to see how everyone is doing, and award points and prizes for completing missions. No Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams required.

Play some games on Kongregate.

Best Slack Apps & Free Slack Apps

Slack is a key tool for many remote workers. Familiarizing yourself with all of the cool Slack Apps and extensions can help create a more productive, efficient online workplace! Below are some of the best Slack apps and free Slack apps we use in our own remote workplace.

38. Donut Slack App

You can use the Donut app to drive more connection among your remote workers using Slack. The Donut app will pair your team members up at random. Then, those pairs are tasked with finding time for a quick 15-30 minute call where the topics can cover everything under the sun. The only rule we use here? No work talk! Challenge your duos to find at least three commonalities between them that the pair didn’t know about before, then share those findings in a dedicated Slack channel like #donut-talk

Here is a link to Donut.

39. Simple Poll

Simple Poll is a simple Slack app that can have a big impact on your remote workers! Simple Poll allows anyone to create a quick poll to take the office temperature on a variety of topics. Looking for quick feedback that doesn’t require a long discussion among the team? Use a Simple Poll instead! This process can cut down on unnecessary back-and-forth in a Slack thread that might disrupt the workday for most of your team members. You can even use Simple Poll for fun things, like deciding which activity or game to schedule next!

Learn more about Simple Poll.

40. Marker

Marker is a cool Slack app that can be used by your whole team. Marker makes sharing screenshots via Slack super simple! Once you install the Chrome extension, you can easily take screen grabs of the whole screen, or just take partial screenshots, then annotate the screenshot via Marker. From there, it’s simple to share the screenshot in Slack as needed!

More info on Marker.

41. Giphy

Giphy is a must have Slack app! Giphy allows your remote workers to share fun gifs over Slack. We’re also big fans of using emojis in place of simple responses like “ok” or “got it” or “thank you” or “you’re welcome” to cut down on Slack noise and traffic. Bonus: Slack lets you create and upload your own emojis, so the creative possibilities for emoji and gif use on Slack are endless!

Virtual Meeting Best Practices

Running virtual meetings can be challenging if you have to deal with technology issues. And even if your tech is working at 100%, you still have to contend with ensuring your virtual meetings are engaging, energetic, and effective. Below, we’ve gathered our top virtual meeting best practices that we’ve tested ourselves.

42. Virtual Icebreaker Questions

Icebreakers have a reputation as being a boring way to get some virtual team building in, but the right icebreaker questions have a huge role in online team building. One of the reasons ice breakers are effetive is that is it simple and easy to get your group together on a video call and run through a couple of great questions. You and your coworkers will learn a ton about each other and share laughs at the same time. An icebreaker session is a fun way to get some remote team building in without much planning. As far as virtual meeting best practices, we recommend starting every conference call with a quick round of icebreakers. This experience will help set the tone, relax your coworkers, and likely provide a few laughs before diving into the heart of the meeting’s purpose.

43. Meeting Notes

We recommend this tip for both in-person and virtual meetings alike! Before each meeting kicks off, designate one person to be in charge of taking notes for the entire team. This designation frees up the rest of your coworkers to actively listen, engage, and participate without fear of missing a critical note. After the meeting finishes, your note-taker’s job is to distribute the key points and takeaways from the meeting to the rest of the team. If you have got someone on your team who really loves taking notes, then it’s okay to keep that person in this role long-term. Otherwise, we recommend varying up who is in charge of taking notes in order to keep the balance of work well distributed.

44. Virtual Meeting Referee

Similar to assigning a note-taker for the meeting, it can be effective to put someone in charge of being your virtual meeting referee. The referee’s role is to make sure the meeting stays focused; if conversations start veering off track, then the referee is there to bring the meeting back to its intended purpose.

45. Liberal Mute

One of our best virtual meeting best practices is liberally using the mute function! Most video conference calling platforms offer the ability to keep your mic muted when you are not participating. Ensure your team members keep their mics on mute to reduce background noise and distraction. Virtual meeting hack: Some platforms, like Zoom, even offer the ability for the meeting host to control the mute button for each participant. Use as needed!

46. Mister Rogers Calls

While your team members are working from home, it can be tough to get enough face-time in with each other! We use Mister Rogers Calls to combat this challenge. Each week, the Slack extension Donut randomly pairs your team members up with each other for a non-work chat. Your coworkers can schedule a 15 to 30 minute call with each other to talk about anything, as long as the conversation shies away from work talk! Set a goal for each call for the pairs to come away having found at least three commonalities between them. And encourage the groups to share those discoveries in a dedicated Slack channel or even during your next regularly scheduled virtual meeting. Mister Rogers Calls are a fun, easy, and free way for your remote teams to get to know each other and form deeper, more meaningful workplace relationships via virtual meetings!

Online Team Building: FAQ

If you have questions about any related topics, then drop us a line! We will reply right away, and may add your question to this list below for anyone else who may be curious.

What is online team building?

Online team building is when distributed organizations invest in building stronger teams. For example, the organization may plan virtual team activities. The goal of these games and activities is to increase engagement, boost morale, improve communication and other important metrics.

What are online team building games?

Online team building games are games that you play with a distributed team, typically via a video conference call or similar platform. For example, Online Team Building Bingo, 5 Things, and Champion of the World are all examples of games you can play virtually.

Does online team building actually work?

While the online component of team building is relatively new, numerous studies show that team building is effective. We believe that whether you engage with your team locally or online, you will see substantial benefits from it.

What is the best way to get started with team building online?

Start with simple virtual team building activities like icebreaker questions and quick games. For example, you could allocated five minutes at the beginning of a call to doing a quick icebreaker game.

How often should remote workers do online team building games?

We recommend online team building as often as possible, especially since there are many quick, easy and free options! At the very least, we recommend starting every virtual meeting with a fun icebreaker question like “what is the last book you read and enjoyed?”

Is online team building right for my team?

Online team building is for any business that wants to better connect employees, regardless of location. While online team building is definitely a natural fit for remote teams, it can still work well and be effective for businesses with in-person teams. Online team building is also a great choice for teams who want to team build more often without having to leave the office!

Is online team building better than in-person team building events?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to online team building vs. in-person team building events; it boils down to your team’s preferences! If your team is 100% remote, then you are going to gravitate more towards online team building. If you are part of company with some remote teams or a team that interacts with employees in other locations, then online team building could be a great fit, too! And if you work for a business that is 100% in a physical location, then you might still enjoy online team building for the great prices and ease of coordinating logistics.

What equipment is needed to run successful online team building games?

Wondering if online team building requires a big technological commitment? You are in luck! With all of the options on our list, the technology requirements are minimal. In all cases, you will need a strong WiFi connection, and in many, you will need a webcam or smartphone. WiFi and a connected device are about the extent of the technological requirements for online team building!